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May Pearl Seidl | Nursery Session

God has such a cool way of bringing things full circle... Miriam & I never truly got to know each other during our time at LU, but I always knew she was a TRUE light 🌿

You don’t have to personally know Miriam to know of her kindness and sweet spirit... It’s a God given quality that radiates everywhere she goes! I remember thinking in college that I wanted to get to know her better because she seemed like such a wonderful person. Well, fast forward to last year & enter in God's handy work & here we are! I could not feel more blessed to know her at this stage in our lives. From her kind encouraging words, her ability to make others feel so good about themselves, her prayers during tough mama-heart times—> to the overall goodness she exudes! Miriam IS a light-bringer & full of so much Joy. It’s evident that JOY comes straight from the Father. What an incredible friend to share in this new journey we are on with our littles! I had the honor of catching a few sweet moments of this mama & daddy with their mini-light bringer, May Pearl 🌸 YOU GUYS. She is a living doll! From her Oooo's & Cooo's--> to her sweet little smile... She is so perfect and it's clear she has brought so much happiness to Miriam & Jonny. What a wonderful family you have, sweet MP! I couldn't feel more blessed to get to snap pics of your precious face! Check out a few of my faves from this session below🌿

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