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Barnes | Family Mini Session

Boys are just so special 💙 Now, I know that I have not yet had the privilege of seeing what it’s like to mother a little girl, but I have just begun the journey with my little boys... AND let me tell you... there’s something to be said about it. Little boys are curious, fearless, rambunctious, wild, sweaty, funny, hilarious, goofy, loud, determined, sometimes stinky —> But most of all— they love their mamas something fierce and it is so special. I was not prepared for what the love of my two sons would do to my heart. Once again, God shows out in a big way by blessing us with this kind of love. Speaking of two precious boys— I always love getting to see the Barnes family and their two littles! They bring so much LIFE to my lens! Getting shots of them playing and running around is so fun! The natural “parenthood” moments come so easy to this crew. Maddox + Tate are gorgeous (and we know EXACTLY where that comes from— Have you seen their parents!? PEEP the last pic—> STUNNING)! 

What a fun session! Check out a few of my faves below 🌿💙

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