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Oliver Adzhigirey | 1 year Milestone

The light at this session on Monday was STUNNING. The way it shined through the trees was nothing short of breathtaking. Now, add in these beautiful people (inside + out)— & you have pure family photo magic! 🌿☀️

It was so fun to get to see the Adzhigirey family & snap a few shots to commemorate Oliver’s 1 Milestone! He is SO PRECIOUS. I love his sweet expressions, precious smile with little teeth poking through & all his 1-year old busy’ness. He smiled, laughed, ate some tree bark (😂🌳) & chocolate 🍫 , & had a great time playing in the park. What a fun shoot! God is so good!

Check or a few of my faves from this session below.🌾

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