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Millie Grace Clark | Birth Collection

I had one of those experiences where things come full circle this week. Getting to shoot the birth of Troy & Marielle Clark’s 4th little one, Millie Grace, was such an honor. When I got there—> I found out they have a daughter who is 12 & two sons in between. This was so cool to me because my sister & I are exactly 12 years a part with 2 brothers in between us too. 🌿 Marielle had some questions about how close my sister & I have been through the years & I had the chance to tell her how wonderful having her in my life has been (I LOVE YOU WYNNEN WOLFE). She’s one of my greatest blessings! I can remember growing up hearing my mom talk about the 12 year difference & all the milestones we would hit through the years... “She will be 5 when you graduate high school... She will be around 14 or 15 when you get married... She will be able to babysit your kids one day. When she graduates high school, your be 31!!!” It’s crazy to think that we have hit so many of those milestones already because I can still remember standing in the hospital room the day she was born— tears rolling down my cheeks... so excited, but having NO idea just what an amazing gift I was getting that day. God knew exactly what He was doing with that precious surprise baby #4... and He knows exactly what He’s doing with the surprise of sweet Millie Grace. ❤️ Marielle’s daughter wanted to be there for the birth of her sister & it made me think about how excited I was to be there to see my sister be born too. You can imagine the tears that were FLOWING down my cheeks when I saw this sweet, sweet big sister crying tears of JOY as she watched her best friend come into the world. It was the most precious thing I have ever witnessed. Her tender heart... so wonderful to see. There are no words to describe the moment! I can only hope the pictures do it justice. Well, sweet Millie Grace is here—> beautiful & healthy! Also, Marielle is a total champion! She’s a beautiful (inside & out) mom of 4 who completely dominated L&D. I’m blessed to now call her a friend! The whole birth process continues to amaze me! Marielle said it best— it’s the closest to heaven you can get here on earth. ❤️ I had an absolute blast documenting this special moment in time for the Clark family! Check out a few highlights below.🌿🎀  

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