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Everett Anderson Bunch | Birth Story

I am so fortunate to get to meet so many wonderful families while documenting important + special life events like this one. Birth stories are one of my favorite session types. My adrenaline pumps the whole time— working to see the room & everything that’s happening in it. All in the name of helping my clients remember.❤️That’s the whole purpose of photos... to look back, reminisce and step back into that moment for just a second. Also, for me—> getting to see the strength of the mamas & the support of the ones they love warms my heart so much.

Everett came into the world rocking & rolling— literally! We were listening to Michael Jackson & even the nurses were jamming with us! What a FUN birth! He’s perfect, wide eyed, & precious! Such a blessed family. I feel honored that I was able to document this special day for them!

Check out a few of my faves below!🌿💙

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