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Millie Grace Clark | Newborn + Family Session

There are some families that you just instantly click with. The Clark family is definitely one of those for me! I have enjoyed documenting little miss Millie Grace coming into the world so much this month for them. It’s safe to say— I’m smitten! All 4 of Troy + Marielle’s kiddos are just adorable. I mean it when I say that I can see their sweet, sweet hearts shine through their smiles. Emma, the oldest sister, is the best little “mother” to her brothers + sister. She also loves photography! I had a blast showing her a few tricks so she could continue to get creative in her free time. 📷✨ Hutch has the BEST smile, hair (😉) AND some killer floss dance moves (pictured below)! And sweet Max... ❤️❤️ His hair is also gorgeous & his sweet grin sends me swooning. Give him some gummies + a little Moana & having to take family pictures with your new baby sister isn’t too bad after all. 😘😘

Everything about this in-home newborn + family session makes my picture loving heart so happy! From the sweet people in the photographs—> to the colors + the OUTSTANDING natural light flowing in from the windows in their home... All of it= pure magic. ✨

Check out a few of my faves from this PRECIOUS session below! 🌿

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